A Knighthood for Lewis Hamilton……..Don’t Make Me laugh!

It would appear that a number of misguided journalists and idiotic MPs are agitating for the government to give Lewis Hamilton a knighthood because of his driving success. Indeed, one journalist has gone so far as to suggest the Hamilton is the greatest sportsman and outshines people like Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins, Andy Murray and Mo Farrah.

So let us consider the achievements of Hamilton:-

  1. Every two weeks or so he sits inside a metal box and drives around in circles for a couple of hours.
  2. Often it is about which tyres should be chosen which has nothing to do with the driving skills of those in the driving seat.
  3. There are only two or three teams that can be considered real competitors, the rest are also-rans irrespective of the qualities of the driver.
  4. There are usually 22 cars that line up on the grid, that means he has 22 opponents to beat, not a great many when compared to cycling, athletics or tennis.
  5. If his team mate happens to be winning a race then he will usually be told to “slow down” and let Hamilton through to win.
  6. If Hamilton doesn’t win he is quick to lambast his “team” for getting some technical aspect of the car wrong, or race officials if they punish him for breaking the rules.

Now if you take someone like Chris Froome who won his fourth Tour de France in 2017, followed by successive wins at the 2017 Vuelta a Espana and the2018 Giro d’Italia his first victories in both races.   

The Tour de France requires 21 days of continuous racing, spending up to 6 hours in the saddle daily, and climbing over various mountain ranges. The Giro and Vuelta make similar physical and psychological demands. In all three races there are well in excess of 100 competitors and although they race in teams it is possible for a talented domestique or up and coming young rider to win a stage (unlike in motor racing).

I think the journalist lauding Hamilton need to go back and do a bit of research and find out what “sport” really is!

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