Arley Hall “Springs” into life……………

As a regular visitor to Arley Hall I am still amazed at the changes that can take place in the gardens within a seven to ten day period. As we came out of winter, and still subject to lockdown restrictions, it was amazing to see how the gardens had been maintained albeit many of the borders looking quite bare.

A visit last week was greeted with some wonderful colours of the early blooming flowers and the bushes on the “Woodland Walk” were a sight to behold. The daffodils this year have been sensational (take a bow Gordon, James and the rest of the gardening staff / volunteers) and highlights the tremendous work that has been done to maintain the gardens.

I shall continue making my weekly visits to photograph the gardens and see the changes that take place. I would suggest that EVERYONE should visit at least once during the summer to see the “Herbaceous Border” when it is a delight to the eye.

The photographs I have featured below were taken in early April 2021

Photographs (c) Kindadukish 2021

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