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Partition in India……….scapegoat the British as usual!

  I have watched several programmes in the last week or so which have looked at the granting of independence to India and the subsequent results of “partition” of the country with the creation of the new country of Pakistan. … Continue reading

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Its the atheist dudes who are most generous…………

  AN ARGUMENT often advanced for the encouragement of religion is that, to paraphrase St Matthew’s report of Jesus’s words, it leads people to love their neighbours as themselves. That would be a powerful point were it true. But is … Continue reading

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York…….home to a splendid railway station, National Railway Museum, not to mention an imposing cathedral

  A lovely autumn day last week called for a visit to the city of York and all that it has to offer. The train from Huddersfield takes about forty-five minutes and delivers you to one of the finest railway … Continue reading

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Wedding Parties in Uzupis

Whilst making my way down to the river that runs alongside the independent “nation” of Uzupis last Saturday I came across a wedding party that was braving the elements on one of the bridges across the river. Uzupis is exclusive, … Continue reading

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Islam…..the “religion of peace”, and the occasional massacre

Muslim Atrocities………… 9/11…Bali…Beslan…Madrid….Boston…Toulouse…7/7… Sheila Gibbons…Daniel Pearl.. Nick Berg…Ken Bigley…Margaret Hassan…Volgograd…Nairobi…Dar Es Salaam…Beijing…Lee Rigby…Mumbai…ISIS burning prisoners alive….Charlie Hebdo…Paris…Brussels…Lahore………Nice! If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is it the only one that consistently produces religiously-motivated terrorist attacks each and every … Continue reading

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Prof Brian Cox, the human pyramid and a very brave 6 year old young lady.

I am currently watching the new Brian Cox series on TV”Forces of Nature” which I am finding addictive. The visuals at times are quite stunning, although I have to confess that I sometimes get lost with the scientific explanation of … Continue reading

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The scandal of British International aid…..

  Britain’s foreign aid budget is now so swollen it accounts for £1 in every £7 given by rich countries. A global study shows the 28 leading industrialised nations handed out £86billion between them last year The latest figures – … Continue reading

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I don’t need religion to be a moral person……………..

Here is a thought for the day which I came across whilst casually reading Facebook (see Elephant Buddhadharma), and I am sure the late lamented Christopher Hitchens would have nodded in approval.

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Forgive these bigots………………….(the catholic church)

A senior priest at the Vatican has revealed he is gay, on the eve of a major meeting that will define the Catholic Church’s teaching on family. Poland-born Krysztof Charamsa, 43, said he wanted to challenge the Church’s “backwards” attitude … Continue reading

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Pakistani cleric says women who wear jeans are to blame for earthquakes, terrorism and rising inflation…….

A Pakistani Muslim cleric has become an online laughing-stock after claiming that women wearing jeans are to blame for devastating earthquakes, acts of terrorism and rising levels of inflation. Maulana Fazlur Rehman (pictured above), who is also leader of the junior … Continue reading

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