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Little Richard………comes to Manchester in 1963

In 1963 I was fifteen years old and just getting into my stride with pop music. There was little opportunity to listen to pop music as the BBC rigidly controlled the airwaves and looked down on popular music with considerable … Continue reading

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Scott Walker…………a wondrous voice

During a recent bout of redecorating the house (not by me I might add) I had to move all my CDs and store all 800 of them, into boxes for safekeeping. This was an onerous task and one I had … Continue reading

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State of Independence – Jon Anderson and Todmobile

There are a number of versions of the song State of Independence which was written and first performed by Jon Anderson (of Yes) and Vangelis on the market. The original is probably the definitive version although many argue that the … Continue reading

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Rob Wasserman……..bassist extraordinaire

A couple of days ago I was doing a musical search on YouTube and came across a track by an artist I had never heard of, namely Rob Wasserman I discovered that Wasserman was a Grammy-winning highly respected bass player and … Continue reading

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Kelvingrove Museum and Solomon Burke

Paid a visit to the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow today and as I walked in the entrance I was met with a display of heads hanging from the ceiling which are lit up with different colours. The expressions on the … Continue reading

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“Lust for Life”……..Iggy Pop

To corrupt an old saying, “there are old rock singers and there are wild rock singers, but there are very few old and wild rock singers” but one who seems to have survived and fit the latter category is Iggy … Continue reading

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Billy Joel……….”River of Dreams”

Billy Joel has been around for as long as I  can remember and has had numerous hits in both the UK and USA, most notably Uptown Girl, Tell Her About it and An Innocent Man. He was often labelled as … Continue reading

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