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Ban all school sports and activities!

  More than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences … Continue reading

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I am not a number, I am a free man!

Back in the 1960s a TV series started that created a sensation, nothing of the like had been seen before and it quickly became a “cult programme” particularly amongst the young. It was on once a week on Friday nights … Continue reading

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Cabernet Sauvignon………..just what the doctor ordered

My Doctor’s latest prescription for a happier, healthier life: Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor … Continue reading

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Would Rafa, Roger or Novak need such “woo woo” (the self help merchants have a lot to answer for)

A revealing insight into Andy Murray’s tactical and mental approach has emerged after his motivational notes from the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam last week were leaked. A list of ten instructions are listed on a sheet of A4 … Continue reading

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Listening to jazz improves your golf!

Listening to jazz music while putting can boost your performance on the putting green, according to new university research. While any kind of music improves performance compared to listening to no music at all, jazz is the most effective musical … Continue reading

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Manchester Airport now manned by “Blackshirted” militia

Yesterday I had the privilege (and I use that word advisedly) of landing at Manchester Airport after my visit to Lithuania. As my colleague and I trundled along a corridor heading for passport control we looked at each other, sighed … Continue reading

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NOT another bloody “ism”……….please God save me from these academics

People with regional accents should be protected from “accentism” alongside the fight against racism, ageism and sexism because it makes them feel “fake” when they “posh up” while talking, it has been claimed. Employers should state in writing that job … Continue reading

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No one is safe from a baby with a voracious appetite……………….

Having a quiet cup of cappuccino in a bistro in Chorlton cum Hardy this morning I observed the following predatory antics of a very small child. The “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” look that he had  masked a primeval … Continue reading

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Strong Leadership Undermines Performance

Despite considerable evidence that hierarchical organizational structures encourages group-think and hamper innovation, forceful individuals such as Jack Welch (pictured bottom), Larry Ellison and the late Steve Jobs (pictured top) are still held up as role models for corporate leadership. But … Continue reading

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Work Life Balance………women more satisfied

Sixty per cent of women are happy with their work-life balance: Men are more likely to feel the strain of juggling job and family It is the modern juggling act – but managing motherhood alongside a career might not be … Continue reading

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