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The British Cemetery………….Lisboa

The British Cemetery in Lisbon is to be found adjacent to St George’s Church in Rua São Jorge.Part of the Treaty of 1654 negotiated between Cromwell and King João IV of Portugal stipulated that English subjects living in Portugal should … Continue reading

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What a lovely gesture on Mothers Day in the Netherlands

Ajax football club celebrated Mother’s Day in the Netherlands by asking the players’ mums to join them on their traditional pre-match walk on. Mums were invited to join the Ajax squad as they walked on to the pitch at the … Continue reading

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A photograph that gives hope for humanity………and would justify the award of a Nobel Peace Prize

Eva Kor, 81, arrived in Lueneburg to give evidence at the trial of Oskar Groening, 93 – known as the ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’. The pair were seen embracing as they met in the courtroom. Groening is accused of serving at … Continue reading

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First Female Afghan Military Pilot………………now that will bring the Imams out in a hot sweat!

This is the kind of progress that all women seek and in particular those constrained by the religious and cultural beliefs of a patriarchal society. There will be many men within Islam looking at this with horror……………………. Captain Niloofar Rahmani, … Continue reading

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David Hockney and his “Arrival of Spring” exhibition at Salts Mill

Salt’s Mill (or Salts Mill) is an art gallery, shopping and restaurant complex located in Saltaire, Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is inside a former mill, built by Sir Titus Salt a 19th century industrialist. The 1853 gallery takes its name from … Continue reading

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The Basso Profundo Trio sing Evening Bells

There are many sounds in music that give great pleasure, stir the emotions and in many cases bring a smile to the face. But one of the sounds that seems to reach to the very soul of our being is … Continue reading

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Streetlife in Konstanz

On my recent visit to Konstanz in Germany I spent a considerable time wandering around the old town simply to take in the wonderful architecture of the city.  Konstanz is situated on Lake Constance (the Bodensee in German). The Rhine … Continue reading

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Above and beyond the call of duty……Tristan and Isolde

A few years ago I went for a short break to Vienna and during my stay I realised one of my lifetime ambitions, to attend a Wagner opera at the Staatsoper. The opera that went to see was the one … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs………………..

I very occasionally listen to this programme on Radio 3 and it is quite interesting how over the years that the choices of music by guests has changed and become much more varied. At one time is was “de rigeur” … Continue reading

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Vilnius…….where the hell is that?

The comment “I have just come back from Vilnius” elicited the response from my colleague “where the hell is that?” I explained that it was the capital city of Lithuania, one of the Baltic republics lying north of Poland and … Continue reading

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