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Berlin Philharmonic……….where are the women?

Every year about this time I receive an e-mail inviting me to look at the forthcoming season of concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I have visited Berlin and attended one of their concerts and I have made it clear … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 21st century……..the Cologne police and authorities might like to read this!

The article below is from the BBC web site and illustrates the problems that women face in islamic society. It is easy to see why the events in Cologne happened if this is the attitude towards a practicing female muslim. … Continue reading

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I can’t come out to play………..my husband won’t let me!

News broke that Ardalan, nicknamed Lady Goal, would not be traveling to Malaysia for the Asian Cup, which begins today. Ms Ardalan’s husband reportedly wanted her to be home for their son’s first day of school. Niloufar Ardalan’s partner, the sports … Continue reading

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Female Orchestral Conductors and the “glass ceiling” (or should that be cast iron ceiling?)

Last week I received my annual free 7-day access ticket for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestral concerts for the 2015/16 season that are broadcast live on the internet. Along with this came a very nice brochure showing the full programmes for … Continue reading

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“A change is gonna come”…………….Behnaz Shafiei rides bikes against laws and convention in Iran

Women are banned from riding motorcycles in public in Iran, but Behnaz Shafiei is working hard to break the status quo. The 26-year-old has been riding for 15 years and, under the veil of her helmet, is regularly thought to be … Continue reading

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What is it about religion, men and misogyny?

Leaders of the ultra-Orthodox Belz sect in north London wrote to parents saying “no child will be allowed to learn in our school” if their mother drives. Women driving “goes against the laws of modesty within our society”, it said. A spokesman … Continue reading

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University of Oxford nominates first female vice-chancellor in its 800-year history

The University of Oxford has nominated its first female vice-chancellor in its 800-year history. Professor Louise Richardson, who is currently principal at St Andrews University, is set to take up the role at the start of next year, subject to … Continue reading

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Islam, women and homosexuality………….a combination for chaos!

An Iranian cleric is teaching his followers that thinking about another woman while having sex with your wife will make your children gay. Ayatollah Hossein Dehnavi, a celebrity preacher in Iran, made the speech to a packed auditorium of men and … Continue reading

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First Female Afghan Military Pilot………………now that will bring the Imams out in a hot sweat!

This is the kind of progress that all women seek and in particular those constrained by the religious and cultural beliefs of a patriarchal society. There will be many men within Islam looking at this with horror……………………. Captain Niloofar Rahmani, … Continue reading

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The inexorable march to gender equality in the Church of England……………………

A second woman has been appointed a bishop by the Church of England. The new Bishop of Hull will be the Reverend Canon Alison White, the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has announced. Reverend White is currently priest-in-charge of Riding … Continue reading

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