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The CV lottery…………………..

Young people may spend hours preparing their CV for employers to pore over, but research shows that just 8.8 seconds is spent studying any one person’s curriculum vitae in a process that has become “Tinderised”. According to the UK’s youth … Continue reading

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University Students preparing for the world of work (School of Management, Bradford University)

Yesterday I spent a full day at Bradford University School of Management where, along with many other employers representatives and consultants I conducted a series of “mock interviews” of students in the second year of their undergraduate degree course.  The … Continue reading

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Student Employability and Bradford University

We are constantly assailed in the press and other media by comments from employers that students coming out of universities today are not prepared for the world of work. It is not uncommon for derogatory comments to be made about … Continue reading

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Sir David Bell and “Employability” Part 2

I wrote a little while ago about Sir David Bells commentsabout the need to not get drawn into focusing on “employability” issues and expressed my dismay at such comments. I understand there has been a bit of a backlash from … Continue reading

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