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The Ig Nobel Awards 2016……and the one for psychology is?

The 26th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony took place on Thursday night, and as always, the goofy award show recognized some of the silliest science around — or as they put it, research that makes “people LAUGH, and then … Continue reading

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Trust me…………….

A little light humour to start the day………   I am indebted to Andre Green on Facebook who posted the original of this.

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7 barmy but brilliant British traditions

Finnish National Sleepy Head Day sees the last person in the household to wake up has water chucked over them. It sounds crazy, but we Brits are in no position to mock… If you were last to wake in your … Continue reading

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I’ll have what she’s having………………..

  Seen in a well known chocolate shop recently!  

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Sexist it may be……….but it is bloody funny!

The above cartoon was put out by West Midlands Police as a bit of a light hearted joke, but inevitably the humourless PC brigade have taken “offence”…..the following is a report of the response to the cartoon There was outcry … Continue reading

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Now thats what you call a REAL sport……………….

 A Finnish couple has narrowly won the 19th Wife Carrying World Championships — a quirky competition in which men race to be the fastest while carrying a female teammate. Ville Parviainen and Janette Oksman cleared the grueling 253.5 meter (278-yard) … Continue reading

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Is this every man’s dream? The bra that can be removed by CLAPPING…….and guess what (surprise, surprise), it was invented by a man!!!!!!!

Is this every man’s dream? The bra that can be removed by CLAPPING (and you can even make your own) it sounds like something from a Carry On film but a male artist from San Francisco has created a bra … Continue reading

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The Uzupis Constitution (in about 18 different languages)

A few years ago the district of Uzupis, in the city of  Vilnius, declared itself to be an independent republic. A President and bishop were appointed, four flags were designed [one for each season], and a suitable constitution was duly drawn … Continue reading

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