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One third of graduates doing non-graduate jobs after graduation

One in three new graduates are doing jobs that do not require degrees such as working in call centres, waiting on tables and stacking shelves, statistics show. Thirty-two per cent – over 60,000 – were in ‘non-professional jobs’ in areas … Continue reading

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Graduates earning less…………………..but more in work

Graduates in England have seen a fall in their median salary of more than £1,000 in the past five years, according to official statistics. But more are in work than at any time since 2007, suggests Department for Business, Innovation and … Continue reading

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Leading employers value work experience among graduates more than the grades or the university they have been to.

Leading employers value work experience among graduates more than the grades or the university they have been to, according to new research. Figures show that 58 per cent of employers rated work experience as “the most popular qualification among those … Continue reading

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Get a science degree and get ahead…………………

New science graduates are half as likely to be in stop-gap jobs stacking shelves and cleaning windows as those who studied most other university disciplines, new figures have revealed. They are more likely to have landed professional jobs within six months … Continue reading

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Graduates earning less than those on apprenticeships

Graduates are more likely to find themselves in low-paid jobs and are earning less than people who decide to do an apprenticeship instead of going to University, figures from the Office for National Statistics show Research suggests that just one … Continue reading

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The old literacy and numeracy problem rears its ugly head again………….for the “umpteenth” time…….change the record!

£20k lure for maths graduates to be college teachers The government wants to improve numeracy and literacy skills Maths graduates are to be offered £20,000 to teach in England’s further education colleges, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills says. … Continue reading

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Graduate Recruitment – the Market

If like me, you work with university students the constant question that you are probably  asked and certainly the one that I am asked is  “what are my chances of getting a job when I graduate?” In addition to organisations … Continue reading

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