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The Labour Party…….a haven for anti-semites

Below is a short article from the Guido Fawkes blog and I make no apology for posting it given the appalling behaviour of the Labour Party with regard to Israel and the Jewish people. After suspending a number of party … Continue reading

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“One of our two main parties has adopted, almost without thinking about it, an ideology of which race hate is an intrinsic part”

The following article was written by Charles Moore of the Daily Telegraph and summarises beautifully the “cancerous growth of anti-semitism” within the Labour Party, and the labour leaders unwillingness to tackle it whilst at the same time condoning the “islamo-fascism” … Continue reading

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Ah, a Jew hater and anti-semite…………welcome to the Labour Party

  Let me introduce you to Labour Party members who do a very nice line in Jew hating and outright anti-Semitism…………….remember folks that similar ones are coming your way in local / regional elections. In order of appearance:- 1 Naz … Continue reading

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