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The Labour Party…….a haven for anti-semites

Below is a short article from the Guido Fawkes blog and I make no apology for posting it given the appalling behaviour of the Labour Party with regard to Israel and the Jewish people. After suspending a number of party … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn – anti-semitic bigot

Of course I am an anti-semite………I am leader of the Labour Party and have to set an example! Let me introduce you to Jeremy Corbyn, the so called leader of the “anti-semitic” Labour party. A man who has shared platforms … Continue reading

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Ah, the Labour Party…….last bastion of equality and diversity (unless you are a female muslim)

  A Muslim women’s rights group has written to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, protesting the “open secret” of large numbers of male Muslim Labour councillors blocking Muslim women from entering politics. They called for an independent review and accused … Continue reading

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Labour MPs, segregated audiences and rank hypocrisy…………Part 2

Here is Ed Miliband with him arms around Ansar Ali Khan and Mariam Khan, the two councillors who organised Labour’s sex segregated rally. The Labour MPs who attended have been silent on why they agreed to appear at an event … Continue reading

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Ed Milliband……….aka “Wallace” and the long walk to oblivion.

It would appear that the Labour party is stumbling from crisis to crisis over Ed Millibands leadership credentials. Members of his own party are plotting against him and rank and file Labour MPs are openly saying that he is leading … Continue reading

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