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Stunning piece of psychological research…………..or perhaps not!

Good-looking men are more likely to be selfish, new research claims. The study, carried out by psychology researchers at Brunel University London, used 125 male and female participants to test an evolutionary theory that more attractive individuals profit from social inequality … Continue reading

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Why having sweaty palms before that big job interview could actually work in your favour

The article below was published in the DM on line on 27 August 2013 and I can only assume that it was a slow day for news and they needed some “space fillers” as if ever there was a matter … Continue reading

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Night owls more likely to have Dark Triad of personality traits….psychologists beware!

Watch out for the creatures of the night – those who prefer to stay up late tend to have more evil personality traits than those who prefer to be early risers, according to research. Research suggests people who like staying … Continue reading

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The Perceived Delicacy of the Female Conductor

New research finds listeners judge symphonic music differently when they’re told the conductor is a woman. Researchers provide evidence that gender stereotypes shape our reaction to orchestral performances. But they report these effects aren’t consistent, and for female conductors, such … Continue reading

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