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The Psychologists have won……………I have seen the light!

After many years of fighting a rear guard action against the ever-increasing influence of psychology in modern society (or “woo woo” to us non believers) I think I have finally capitulated and “moved to the dark side.” This morning I … Continue reading

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Parents who exert too much psychological control over their children leave them unhappy and dependent later in life.

A study of thousands of Britons from their teens to their sixties found that adults whose parents intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were unhappier and had lower mental well-being. The life-long negative impact was similar to … Continue reading

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Psychologists of the world unite………….”so how do you feel about that?”

This is for my close friend and colleague who has come through a difficult year – sorry, but I couldn’t resist……………………..

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I knew you couldn’t trust a psychologist!


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A Psychologist and gender inequality……………..

Attempts to encourage more girls to study the sciences ‘completely deny human biology and nature’, an academic has claimed. Schools should stop trying to close education gender gaps because innate differences between the sexes mean they will always be drawn to … Continue reading

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A study has found common attributes between people who enjoy certain types of coffee. Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted an observational study of 1,000 coffee drinkers, and assessed numerous personality styles and psychological traits including introversion and extraversion; patience; … Continue reading

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Dyslexia, the debate continues.

Dyslexia is a ‘meaningless label used by middle-class parents who fear their children are being branded stupid’, professor claims Professor Julian Elliott, an educational psychologist and former special needs teacher, said it is clear that some children do have genuine, … Continue reading

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Psychology for Beginners………………….

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Therapy group meeting …………..for those with no sense of direction!

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For my favourite clinical psychologist………………

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