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University education never used to be like this……………………

Just imagine, you have spent three years at university studying like mad to get the kind of degree that will transport you into that job that you so covet. Three years of “hard graft” (as we say here in the … Continue reading

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Not so bright or self aware teenagers……………………

Bright teenagers are being taught how to adopt a firm handshake and how to make eye contact because they do not know how to behave in interviews. Teachers fear students with the highest potential will be unsuccessful in university and job … Continue reading

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UK students lacking in “basic skills” in Maths and Science

A fifth of UK pupils do not have basic skills in maths and science by the age of 15, according to an international report. Teenagers in Britain are lagging behind those in Vietnam, Poland and Slovenia. A study of tests … Continue reading

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Bradford University, School of Management – Mock Assessment Centre Day

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to participate in the two  “mock interview” days for Business Management undergraduates which the students found very helpful. Today was the first day of the two “mock assessment” centre days that the … Continue reading

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Student internships and exploitation…………..fingers point at MPs

Taking an unpaid internship can cost an individual £926 a month in London or £804 in Manchester, suggests research for an education charity. The Sutton Trust says the cost of working for nothing rules out all but the wealthy and wants … Continue reading

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University Students preparing for the world of work (School of Management, Bradford University)

Yesterday I spent a full day at Bradford University School of Management where, along with many other employers representatives and consultants I conducted a series of “mock interviews” of students in the second year of their undergraduate degree course.  The … Continue reading

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Academics advocate that to be lazy is OK and should be encouraged!

Delaying school start times could help teenagers concentrate better in class and boost GCSE results, scientists say. University of Oxford researchers say teenagers tend to start functioning properly two hours later than older adults. A trial tracking nearly 32,000 GCSE pupils … Continue reading

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Buskers with talent………….

I was wandering through Huddersfield this morning, passing the time of day whilst my car was being serviced and preparing myself for the financial shock of the cost of the service. After several strong cappuccino I felt strong enough to … Continue reading

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Get a science degree and get ahead…………………

New science graduates are half as likely to be in stop-gap jobs stacking shelves and cleaning windows as those who studied most other university disciplines, new figures have revealed. They are more likely to have landed professional jobs within six months … Continue reading

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Sloppy cut-and-paste CVs costing graduates top jobs……………..

Employers struggling to fill vacancies due to glut of poor applications Research found applicants pasting wholesale from previous attempts Sometimes the graduates mixed up which company they were applying to After years of study at elite universities, you could presume … Continue reading

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