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Liverpool, my! how its has changed…………….and for the better!

Earlier this week I visited Liverpool for the first time in many years. It is all part of my plan to explore the area which I recently moved to in Cheshire. My memories of the city were very negative from … Continue reading

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Wedding Parties in Uzupis

Whilst making my way down to the river that runs alongside the independent “nation” of Uzupis last Saturday I came across a wedding party that was braving the elements on one of the bridges across the river. Uzupis is exclusive, … Continue reading

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Sardinija comes to Uzupis………

If you happen to be wandering around Uzupis and come to the little square where the “angel of Uzupis” statue resides then stand in front of it, look directly ahead and you will see a relatively new cafe and deli … Continue reading

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Uzupis………you never know what to expect!

On my numerous visits to Vilnius in Lithuania I always find time to wander round the bohemian quarter called Uzupis which is sometimes compared to Monmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. On my most recent visit in September 2014 I … Continue reading

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Bernardinu Parkas………….and Fountains of Light

It was my last night in Vilnius and my colleague suggested that we go down to Bernardinu Parkas in Uzupis as there was going to be a water display with lights and music.   So around 7.45 we wandered down … Continue reading

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The Uzupis Constitution (in about 18 different languages)

A few years ago the district of Uzupis, in the city of  Vilnius, declared itself to be an independent republic. A President and bishop were appointed, four flags were designed [one for each season], and a suitable constitution was duly drawn … Continue reading

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Skaisciausios Dievo Motinos cerkve, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Plot Booked…………………….

On my most recent trip to Vilnius I visited a little cemetery in the Uzupis district of the city, guided expertly by my friend and colleague Renata. The cemetery is just off Uzupis gatve and is very atmospheric. I found … Continue reading

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“I thought I told you to book a car”………bride and groom in Uzupis

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“Of course your bum looks fine”…………wedding party in Uzupis

Photo of the Day  

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