Care homes pay staff well – but only at the top


Something that is very close to home in this family at the moment……………….

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nurse_inspecting_patient_1600_wht_11745Staff in care homes are notoriously badly paid. Minimum wage usually (£6.50 an hour if you’re over 21).

Mitie, one of Britain’s biggest care providers called Mi-HomeCare, employs 6,000 home care workers looking after 10,000 elderly and infirm people in England and Wales.

It pays its chief executive Ruby McGregor-Smith £550,000 plus benefits and car allowance – a total package of about £1.5 million.

This is the head of the company that didn’t pay staff for the time they spent travelling between clients yet she gets a car allowance.

A third of its income comes rom the public purse. No wonder the union is angry about how firms like these operate.

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Coolest man on the planet…………and it’s not Kanye West

Is this not the coolest man on the planet, who else could get away with singing the iconic Drifters song “save the last dance for me”……………Kanye West take note, this is a real musical artist!

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Kanye West…………..utter rubbish at Glastonbury

The headline on the BBC website runs as follows:-

Glastonbury: Kanye West delivers headline set…………

Poncing about on stage.........

Poncing about on stage………

Last night I watched about 20 minutes of his set and I can honestly say that it is by far the worst performance by a headline act at Glastonbury in living memory.

A posturing ego maniac and self-proclaimed “greatest artist in the world” pranced about the bare stage shouting unadulterated drivel and merely conformed to what I have thought all along, that “rap” music is “the emperors new clothes.”

When you think of the disparate range of artists who gave graced the various stages at Glastonbury, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, Leonard Cohen, The Stones, U2 etc and who connected with the crowds in both an emotional and musical way the likes of this “piss artist” pale into insignificance.

Comedian takes the piss!

Comedian takes the piss!

Moreover, the great black artists of both past and present Levi Stubbs, Otis Redding, Sam Cook, Smoky Robinson, Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin, Mary Wilson, Wilson Pickett would put West to shame in terms of music, feeling and communication with their audiences.

I see that a so-called comedian jumped on stage to try to sing along with West but was quickly bundled off, at least it increased the entertainment value.

I note also that the BBC are doing everything possible to “big up” the performance because they have invested so much money in broadcasting Glastonbury and cannot be seen to have a flop on their hands!

Let us hope Michael Eavis and his daughter learn from this catastrophe and book a proper “rock band” next year.

Post Script: From the Independent newspaper dated 29 June 2015  “Why Kanye West’s critics should accept his combative expression of blackness” – Tshepo Mokoena. You really couldn’t make up this statement if you tried. And as one reader put it in the comments column “so that will be like UKIP saying our critics should accept our combative expression of whiteness”…………...

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One third of graduates doing non-graduate jobs after graduation

One in three new graduates are doing jobs that do not require degrees such as working in call centres, waiting on tables and stacking shelves, statistics show. Thirty-two per cent – over 60,000 – were in ‘non-professional jobs’ in areas including secretarial, sales, customer service and skilled trades six months after graduating last year.

And the number taking particularly menial posts – collecting garbage, washing windows, sorting mail and cleaning buildings – has doubled in seven years. The figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency will alarm students, who now face an average debt of more than £30,000 on graduation following the tripling in tuition fees to £9,000-a-year.
Out of a total of 257,395 full-time first degree university-leavers from 2013/14, 75 per cent were in employment six months after graduating. Fourteen per cent had embarked in further study, and seven per cent – 16,730 – were unemployed.

Among the employed graduates in the UK, 60,140 were in ‘non-professional jobs’ including administrative, caring, leisure and sales occupations. Some 840 graduates were working as ‘process, plant and machine operatives’ and 2,315 in ‘skilled trades’ such as plumbing and tiling.

Another 10,855 – 5.8 per cent of those in employment – were in ‘elementary occupations’.
These include mail sorters, bar staff, waiters and waitresses, street vendors, caretakers, shoe cleaners, hotel porters, door-to-door and telephone sales people, vending machine money collectors and meter readers. Among this group, 2,380 had graduated from creative arts and design courses, 1,085 from business and administrative studies, and 1,065 had social studies degrees.

By contrast, only 5,460 or four per cent of students had ended up in these menial ‘elementary occupations’ six months after graduating in 2007. In 2013/14, 68 per cent of employed graduates were in ‘professional’ jobs such as working as managers, directors, senor officials and in technical occupations.

Graduates are also faced with earning an average salary of just £21,500 after leaving university, despite courses now costing £9,000-per-year, the average salary six months after graduation was £21,500.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, yesterday attacked the poor job prospects for some graduates. He said: “For many university leavers, the prospect of finding a job that matches their talents is gloomy. Despite paying huge amounts to get a higher education, many are being forced to take on lower-skilled jobs, which is in turn pushing those who don’t have a degree out of the labour market altogether. Young people are simply not getting the opportunities they deserve. If we don’ t create better jobs for graduates we won’t be able to build the higher-skilled workforce the UK desperately needs to boost productivity and compete with other countries. The government’s economic plan is failing to solve this career gridlock, but action is urgently needed. Bemoaning the lack of decent graduate jobs is becoming an annual event.”

A report warned last year that the growing number of workers who are over-qualified for their role is largely the result of a huge expansion in university education. The centre-left think-tank the Institute for Public Policy research (IPPR) said ‘the number of high-skilled jobs has not kept pace with the rate at which workers are becoming more highly qualified’.
School-leavers would be better prepared for the job market by doing an apprenticeship instead of racking up huge debts at university, the report claimed.

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And still they demand to keep guns……………………….


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Disgraceful British teenagers steal artefacts from Auschwitz


Two British teenagers have spent the night in a Polish jail after being arrested at the former Auschwitz death camp on suspicion of stealing artefacts that belonged to former prisoners.

The boys, both 17, attend the £15,000-a-year independent Perse school in Cambridge and were on a history trip to Poland. They are accused of attempting to steal a comb, spoons, buttons and pieces of glass from a building where Nazi guards stored prisoners’ confiscated belongings during the second world war.

Sgt Krzysztof Lach, a spokesman at the Krakow police headquarters, said the teenagers were with a group of friends when they were detained at 3pm on Monday. The boys were questioned on Monday and Tuesday but refused to cooperate with the police investigation, Lach added. A translator was sitting in on the interviews on Tuesday. The pair face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of theft.

Asked what would happen next, the police spokesman said a court would decide whether to release the boys after questioning. “For now it’s hard to say because they are being questioned [by] the investigation team in Oświęcim. The court will decide what to do,” he said.

Lach said the boys were arrested because they were suspected of stealing “some stuff from the museum – two pieces of broken glass, spoons, clothes buttons and a comb. The museum is very important for us and to people from all around the world and the Jewish people,” Lach added.

These two are a disgrace to their country and if the Poles have any sense they will march them to the central square in Krakow and make them apologise publicly to the Polish people and the Jewish community for the desecration of such a historic site.

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Kay Burley………do I detect a little misogyny and double standards here?


A petition calling for the sacking of Sky News journalist Kay Burley has gathered more than 53,000 signatures. The petition follows around 1,100 complaints submitted to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom over Burley’s confrontational interview with Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainment, the company that owns Alton Towers.

Burley grilled Varney on Sky News over the safety of the park’s attractions, after four people were seriously injured on the Smiler rollercoaster last week. She told him she was “sure [the families of the injured] are not interested in your sympathy at this stage” after he apologised for the accident.

The petition says Burley was “rude and patronising” to the CEO during the interview. Gareth Pugh, the person who started the petition, calls on Sky News to “act professional” and “issue an apology and sack Kay Burley.”

What is interesting about this whole affair is that if the interviewer had been Jeremy Paxman, John Humphreys or Adam Boulton they would have been lauded for being “tough and uncompromising” with the interviewee and not letting him off the hook. But because the interviewer was a woman it is a matter of “throw up your hands in horror” that she should have had the audacity to take such a hard and uncompromising line with the CEO of the company.

We all remember Paxman asking Michael Howard the government minister the same question TWELVE times during the infamous Newsnight interview and he was lauded and praised for it. God forbid that a female interviewer had done the same thing.

It is no wonder that women in general and particularly in the media, have to work twice as hard, be twice as good simply to be considered equal to a male interviewer. Misogyny is alive and well in the broadcasting world………… it would also seem to be with the general public.

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