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The North – South divide continued……………………

  After my blog yesterday about how we in the North are seen by the “aliens” who live in London I now find that we are being offered “cast offs” from London Underground trains. There is obviously an attitude towards … Continue reading

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Anti-semitism on the rise again!

Anti-Semitic incidents reached a record level in the UK last year, according to the Community Security Trust. A report by the trust, which provides security for Britain’s Jewish community and monitors anti-Semitism, said the number of incidents had more than doubled … Continue reading

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Mission Statement: “do as we command or we will kill you”

Four of the journalists who were murdered in Paris by Islamic gunmen. They should not be forgotten for upholding civil liberties and the right to free speech. No one can have missed the appalling slaughter of journalists / staff working … Continue reading

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More theme tunes…………..

Yesterday I started listing theme tunes I thought would be appropriate to various professional, vocational or special interest groups in society……… psychologist friend suggested that “Crazy” would be a better theme for his particlar professional group. But here a re … Continue reading

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James Foley (Journalist)…………murdered by Islamic thugs

So we see again what the followers of Islam are prepared to do in advancing the cause of a perverted religion.  A journalist  James Foley, (non-combatant) is taken out and beheaded by a British “wannabee” jihadist simply because the journalist … Continue reading

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Still deathly silence from demonstrators about persecuted Yazidi and Christians……..but they are quite happy to assault and vandalise a Tesco store!

Police officers were attacked and stock was thrown around today as Gaza protestors ‘wreaked havoc’ in a Tesco store. Around 100 demonstrators gathered outside the shop in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, before some of them entered the premises. Once inside, they … Continue reading

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George Galloway……cretin, bigot, anti-semitic and racist

I see that the old Saddam Hussain lover and MP George Galloway has called for Bradford to be “declared an Israel-free zone” and that these comments are being investigated by West Yorkshire Police. I suspect that the next suggestion made … Continue reading

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Southern softies……..half an inch of rain and it is front page news

‘The roads are now rivers of hail’: Storm described as ‘zombie apocalypse’ brings chaos to morning rush-hour in British cities The above was the front page of the Daily Mail today (18 July 2014) and reading it and looking at … Continue reading

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Top Secret Test Drive of New Audi R8

On a recent visit to Konstanz in Germany I came across the test outing for the new Audi R8. It was being driven by a couple of very young “petrol heads” under the supervision of the German “Stig” (Top Gear fans will … Continue reading

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D – Day 6 June 1944

No words need be said…………………………

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