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Molly Rose – Spitfire Pilot (along with thirty eight other kinds of aeroplanes)

  A little while ago I watched a TV programme about the unsung women who did jobs during the war for which were never really acknowledged. One of the women featured was a very resilient Molly Rose who had been … Continue reading

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Mother Teresa…..”responsible for innumerable deaths, untold suffering and proud of it”

The canonisation ceremony  of Mother Teresa is due to take place at Vatican on Sunday after the church fast-tracked her for sainthood. Heads of government and various dignitaries will travel to Rome for the ceremony with something like six hundred … Continue reading

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Ah, the Labour Party…….last bastion of equality and diversity (unless you are a female muslim)

  A Muslim women’s rights group has written to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, protesting the “open secret” of large numbers of male Muslim Labour councillors blocking Muslim women from entering politics. They called for an independent review and accused … Continue reading

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Cologne attacks and “the elephant in the room”

  “The New Year’s Eve attacks on women in Cologne are still reverberating in Germany, with the resignation of the city’s police chief on Friday, and news that migrants were among the suspected attackers. The BBC’s Jenny Hill looks back … Continue reading

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The Religion of Peace that likes to kill…………….

Apparently the San Bernardino killer had had arguments with a Jewish colleague over religion, not an uncommon situation throughout the world. He and his wife then decided to wreak havoc and slaughter 14 innocent people because he perceived that he … Continue reading

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Small “earth tremor” in Iran as women’s rights take a very small step forward

Husbands in Iran are taking pictures of themselves declaring their commitment to female equality – and thousands are sharing their messages on Facebook. Niloufar Ardalan captains Iran’s indoor women’s football team – her nickname is “Lady Goal”. Earlier this month … Continue reading

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Female Orchestral Conductors and the “glass ceiling” (or should that be cast iron ceiling?)

Last week I received my annual free 7-day access ticket for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestral concerts for the 2015/16 season that are broadcast live on the internet. Along with this came a very nice brochure showing the full programmes for … Continue reading

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Kay Burley………do I detect a little misogyny and double standards here?

A petition calling for the sacking of Sky News journalist Kay Burley has gathered more than 53,000 signatures. The petition follows around 1,100 complaints submitted to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom over Burley’s confrontational interview with Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainment, the … Continue reading

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