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“Hope not Hate” and “TellMAMA” groups up to the same old tricks of lying

A study into the claims made by left-wing group ‘Hope Not Hate‘ has found the organisation exaggerated “hate speech” claims by over 3000 per cent following the murder of Jo Cox MP. The Economist magazine investigated the claim by the group … Continue reading

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Jezza…..some are born idiots, some achieve idiocy and some have idiocy thrust upon them……meet the man who ticks all three boxes!

Some charming anti-war merchandise on sale at the Momentum* conference in Liverpool (see picture above)…and they wonder why Labours is held in such contempt, even by former supporters like me.. You have an antisemitic leader, a self confessed Marxist as … Continue reading

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Grammar Schools, the Labour Party and a stench of hypocrisy…………

I have been a lifelong opponent of the old Grammar School system, possibly because I failed the 11+ twice, but thats a long story. So when the recent proposals were announced that the Conservative Government was to re-introduce a new … Continue reading

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Shameful Shami and the virulent anti semitic Labour Party

Shami Chakrabarti, author of a “whitewash” report into antisemitism in the Labour Party, ignored an insider’s reports of problems, it has been claimed. Josh Simons, a policy adviser to Mr Corbyn, is said to have told Ms Chakrabarti that staff … Continue reading

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13 Reasons to join there “Labour Party” or not, as the case may be!

Looking for something new in life, seeking a fresh challenge, want to do something different, then why not join the Labour party. So what can we offer you:- Committed to anti-Semitism (Jeremy will lead on this) Promote the hatred of … Continue reading

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Andy Burnham…….carpet bagger extraordinaire!

  Tweet: “I have seen a jellyfish with more backbone than Andy Burnham” Is Andy Burnham (MP for Leigh) the biggest carpetbagger in British politics. As his colleagues resign en mass to try and get rid of the “walking dead … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn……..intellectual pygmy

Did the Labour Party really know what they were doing when they elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader. A man of limited intellect who has spent his whole life in marxist cabals surrounded by like minded cronies (interesting that it is … Continue reading

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