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TK Maxx………….a pat on the back

In recent months I have had a number of “rants” about poor customer service in a variety of organisations. A particular hate of mine is to walk in to an establishment (usually a retail outlet of some kind) and be … Continue reading

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Shaker Aamer………….not as innocent as he would like us to believe

I see the hand wringing has already begun at the release of Shaker Aamer, all the”lefties” are screaming injustice and the usual rag bag of hangers on e.g. Corbyn and his cabinet, the Guardian newspaper and “celebrity” supporters have expressed … Continue reading

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Halloween sunrise………….a cornucopia of colours

The village I live in is on the outskirts of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and perched on top of the Pennine Hills. In winter there are times I ask myself “what the hell prompted me to come and live here?” That … Continue reading

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Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla…………..Lithuanian conductor destined for great things

On Norman Lebrecht’s blog “Slippedisc” there is a debate going on about the relative merits of female orchestral conductors, and as usual there is the usual misogyny about how poor female conductors are (please change the record). All of a … Continue reading

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The Vulcan Bomber……………….a true icon

After 55 years in service, the Vulcan XH558 took off on its brief farewell flight from Robin Hood Airport in Yorkshire. It was a poignant day for aviation fans as the last remaining flying Vulcan bomber took to the skies … Continue reading

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Sainsbury’s and appalling customer service……………again!

Popped into the main Sainsbury’s store in Huddersfield this morning and purchased a few items including a jar of Belazu “Tapenade” as I like to buy these jars of exotic things and then work out how I can use them. … Continue reading

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The opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings………Jenufa and Opera North

If you mention the word “opera” to most people they will have images of an elitist art form, usually made up of rather large ladies and overweight leading men trying to convince an audience that they are in the first … Continue reading

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University education never used to be like this……………………

Just imagine, you have spent three years at university studying like mad to get the kind of degree that will transport you into that job that you so covet. Three years of “hard graft” (as we say here in the … Continue reading

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Chester City Council have complete humour bypass……………………….

A council has removed a series of amusing plaques that had been added to park benches, claiming people could be offended by them. The plaques began appearing around Chester and were put up by a group of street artists who … Continue reading

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Jeep’s Blues………..homage to the Duke and Johnny Hodges

Duke Ellington had such a catalogue of music that it is very difficult to pick out a favourite. Many were written by Duke himself and some of the most memorable were written by Billy Strayhorn who was a jazz composer, pianist, … Continue reading

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