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Self help psychobabble………………

For years I have argued that the “self help” industry is potentially the biggest con trick perpetrated on society. People are often told “you can be anything you want to be”, which is demonstrably untrue e.g. I cannot become Pope … Continue reading

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Ban all school sports and activities!

  More than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences … Continue reading

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Trust me…………….

A little light humour to start the day………   I am indebted to Andre Green on Facebook who posted the original of this.

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The Psychologists have won……………I have seen the light!

After many years of fighting a rear guard action against the ever-increasing influence of psychology in modern society (or “woo woo” to us non believers) I think I have finally capitulated and “moved to the dark side.” This morning I … Continue reading

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George the Gorilla……… new best friend from Russia!

Whilst driving through Paddock, which is a suburb of Huddersfield, I came across a rather large gorilla stood outside O’Briens removal and house clearance shop. He stood there on guard with a “don’t mess with me” look on his face. … Continue reading

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Parents who exert too much psychological control over their children leave them unhappy and dependent later in life.

A study of thousands of Britons from their teens to their sixties found that adults whose parents intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were unhappier and had lower mental well-being. The life-long negative impact was similar to … Continue reading

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Motivational bullshit……………………….

Very occasionally you come across something that stops you in your tracks and makes you howl with laughter, because it sums up beautifully your own thoughts on the topic. I have read so much bullshit over the years about motivation, … Continue reading

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Psychologists of the world unite………….”so how do you feel about that?”

This is for my close friend and colleague who has come through a difficult year – sorry, but I couldn’t resist……………………..

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