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Will Bradford University welcome an antisemite?

According to Guido Fawkes the political blogger, David “The Jews” Ward has some time on his hands since his sacking from the LibDems. Ward says he is going to spend it completing a Master’s degree in the Peace Department at University of … Continue reading

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South Africa on its way to becoming another Zimbabwe…… riddled with corruption

Last week South Africa finally got around to sacking its high commissioner to Singapore, more than four months after a newspaper exposed her criminal past. Until that point officials had managed not to notice that the high commissioner was a … Continue reading

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UK’s £200m aid pledge to famine-threatened Somalia and South Sudan – two of the most corrupt countries in the world

The International Development secretary says “we must act now to help innocent people who are starving to death”. South Sudan and Somalia are going to receive £100m each in UK aid, the Government has announced. The Department for International Development … Continue reading

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The “Barnbow Lasses” exhibition at Leeds Industrial Museum

In my continuing search of the countries industrial heritage I made the short journey to Leeds today to explore the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills. It is a museum of industrial heritage located in Armley, West Leeds, West Yorkshire … Continue reading

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Foreign aid to most corrupt nations soars 30% in a year …… we go again!

Aid payments to the most corrupt countries soared by almost 30 per cent last year, despite warnings much of the cash could be squandered, stolen or seized by terrorists. Britain gave a total of £1.3billion to the 20 most corrupt nations … Continue reading

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Really British……and the usual response from the PC brigade (come in Michael Wright)

The owner of a shop in north London named ‘Really British’ has hit back at claims that his store, which stocks “quintessentially British items,” is racist. The shop, in Muswell Hill, opened to the public November 26 – and since … Continue reading

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Overseas Aid……..and the gravy train continues unabated despite political promises

Aid spending on consultants has doubled to £1billion in just four years including huge bills to hire broadcasters from the BBC and Channel 4, it emerged last night. The vast spending also included £1million for Nigeria, which was shared with US … Continue reading

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