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Saudi Arabian football team deliver incredible insult to Australian hosts!

There are times when I despair at the attitude of muslims to non muslims and the culture of western countries. They will be the first to demand that WE respect THEIR culture but seem at times incapable of reciprocating. At … Continue reading

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Visit to War Graves cemetery ruled as “too draining” for England football team

The bunch of pampered and preening footballers who allegedly “represented” England in France returned to the UK yesterday after their ignominious defeat by Iceland. As usual many of them walked off the aeroplane with headphones on, oblivious to the outside … Continue reading

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It’s a woman, no it’s a man……….no, its an Iranian footballer so it could be either!

Tests are to be carried out on football players in Iran’s women league to make sure they are not men in disguise. Officials from the governing body of the sport in the Islamic state are to swoop unannounced on training … Continue reading

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Who knew that the Norwegians had such a wicked sense of humour?

The Norway team, who face England in the second round of the Women’s World Cup in Ottawa tomorrow, have made a brilliant spoof documentary which mocks the stereotyping they continue to face. One struggles to explain the offside rule, another … Continue reading

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FC Bradford City, FK Atlantas and the “missing” Lithuanian fans………………..

I was having a large espresso this morning and reading “99 Stories About Klaipeda” by Vygantas Vareikis* (excellent book if you are interested in Lithuania and particularly the history of Klaipeda) when I came across a page about football in … Continue reading

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What a lovely gesture on Mothers Day in the Netherlands

Ajax football club celebrated Mother’s Day in the Netherlands by asking the players’ mums to join them on their traditional pre-match walk on. Mums were invited to join the Ajax squad as they walked on to the pitch at the … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with this woman……………… Now this is how you deal with a stroppy footballer who challenges the referees  assistant over a “throw in.” He will learn not to do it again when he gets such an assertive response. Would that more male linesmen … Continue reading

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Why is every ex-sportsman now referred to as a “legend?”

Over the last few years I have noticed that virtually every ex-sportsman (and woman) when being introduced on TV or radio is described as a “legend”I have heard reserve team footballers and those who made scant few appearances for the … Continue reading

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