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Self help psychobabble………………

For years I have argued that the “self help” industry is potentially the biggest con trick perpetrated on society. People are often told “you can be anything you want to be”, which is demonstrably untrue e.g. I cannot become Pope … Continue reading

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Lateness is a form of insanity……no it isn’t, it is a sign of lack of respect!

People who are constantly late may be suffering from a form of insanity, a science writer has claimed. Those who are chronically tardy to engagements struggle with how they view time and may have a ‘bizarre compulsion to defeat themselves’ … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum, Laura Vanderkam…………..and these people want us to take them seriously?

Business brains at the World Economic Forum were perhaps hoping to inspire executives around the world with their list of ’14 things successful people do before breakfast’. But the organisation was instead met with mockery online, with Twitter users rushing … Continue reading

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You are never alone with a “tweet”…………………….

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Would Rafa, Roger or Novak need such “woo woo” (the self help merchants have a lot to answer for)

A revealing insight into Andy Murray’s tactical and mental approach has emerged after his motivational notes from the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam last week were leaked. A list of ten instructions are listed on a sheet of A4 … Continue reading

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There is obviously no correlation between the two events featured in the above cartoon and it would be highly inappropriate of me (or indeed anyone) to suggest that the two things are connected…………………………

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Psychology for Beginners………………….

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So Tell us Something Original………..this is just re-cycled stuff!

From the Ball Breaker to the Mother Hen: Psychologists profile the five types of office colleague – but which one are YOU? A psychologist has created five personality types for office workers They range from ambitious Ball Breakers to gossiping … Continue reading

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Abraham Maslow and the pyramid that beguiled business The psychologist Abraham Maslow’s theory of human motivation is 70 years old but continues to have a strong influence on the world of business. What is it, and is it right? There … Continue reading

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One for my psycho friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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