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It’s all about standards………

I came across this recently and I thought I must get a couple of these, one for me and one for my friend and colleague Mike, as we seem to spend many hours complaining about the lack of customer service … Continue reading

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Nuisance phone calls, a fatal accident, bull elephants and how to have some fun…………….

I was sat at my desk at home yesterday afternoon when my mobile phone rang. A voice with a strong Indian accent asked me if I was Mr …………… which I replied yes. He then said he was ringing on … Continue reading

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Windows Scammers Weapon of Deafness (WSWD)

For he past few weeks I have been plagued with telephone calls reputedly from Microsoft Windows saying that they have detected a problem with my computer. I am quite familiar with this “scam” but I do get fed up of … Continue reading

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Fall in graduate vacancies sees 85 apply for each job

University leavers face an uncertain jobs market This summer’s university leavers face a tougher jobs market, with a forecast of a 4% fall in graduate vacancies. The Association of Graduate Recruiter (AGR) annual summer survey shows that leading UK employers … Continue reading

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Nearly one in 10 new graduates ‘unemployed’

  University leavers are taking a growing share of jobs Nearly one in 10 students were believed to be unemployed six months after graduating from UK universities in 2012, new statistics show. Men were slightly more likely than women to … Continue reading

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I have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls again recently (usually from call centres), which winds me up no end. Here is an example of a recent conversation I had…………. Me: hello Caller: Is that Mr. ………….? Me: Who is calling? … Continue reading

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The 50 adventures every child should have by the age of 11¾…………….

Go on a long bike ride, explore caves and swim in the sea: The 50 adventures every child should have by the age of 11¾ Climbing trees, building dens and flying kites were all once common childhood pleasures. These days, … Continue reading

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Broadband, Call Centres and Losing the Will to Live……………….

I have been having trouble with my broadband connection so yesterday I rang BT my internet provider yesterday. First of all I got through to someone at BT Infinity who was very helpful and was trying to convince me to … Continue reading

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