Lewis Hamilton – posturing, narcissistic, virtue signalling hypocrite………….

I see that several F1 drivers refused to play the “political game” and shun the meaningless “take a knee” as advocated by the posturing, narcissistic, virtue signalling poseur Lewis Hamilton.

Lets remind ourselves that as the F1 drivers lined up ahead of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 2015 to pay respects to indie car driver Justin Wilson who had just been killed in a race, all but Hamilton removed their headwear with the reigning Formula One champion criticised by fans of the sport who felt he showed a lack of respect. However, he did remove his cap for the Italian national anthem.

 After the Chinese Grand Prix in 2015 The Formula One world champion was slammed online and labelled “selfish” and “inconsiderate” after spraying champagne in the face of a hostess on the podium. It’s the second time Hamilton, 30, has sprayed a grid girl with champagne – the first time after his win at the Spanish Grand Prix last year.

Hamilton has a track record of childish, immature behaviour but now wants to be seen in a different light as a supporter of the thugs at BLM and the toppling of all “racist symbols” around the world.

I presume this will also entail the tearing down of the Mercedes Benz Logos outside the HQ in Stuttgart, as the company was notorious for contributing to the war effort under Hitler and its use of “slave labour.” After all, if it’s good enough for Colston it should be good enough for MB.

But wait, I hear you ask, isn’t this the company logo that adorns Hamilton’s hat and pays him 40 million Euros per year in sponsorship! As it says in the short article below, perhaps he will consider handing back all the money he has received from a company that exploited over 40,000 slave labourers, many of  them Jews but also included slavs from Eastern Europe and POWs (many of whom died by being worked to death).




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