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Winter orange sky………………….

I have been working in my office (at home) and this afternoon has been grim with the weather. About 10 minutes ago I saw an orange light through the tiny window in my office door and went to have a … Continue reading

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Customer Service is alive and well in West Yorkshire………………….

Around 8.00am yesterday morning I heard a crashing sound which sounded like a slate falling from height. As I looked out of the bedroom window (three floors up) I could see a roof slate in pieces in my neighbour’s back … Continue reading

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A day of sunshine amongst the downpours…….so off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

After weeks of relentless rain, and floods throughout the North of England, today was one of clear blue sky and sunshine. So making every second count it was jump in the car, Pentax camera in my bag and zoom along … Continue reading

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Welcome to a flooded North of England………

“O what a lovely Christmas…………….” The above photos taken in the last 48 hours give some idea of the devastation caused by the torrential rain and subsequent floods that have engulfed the North of England and in particular the areas … Continue reading

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In the midst of chaos…….a “true Brit”

It is said in the famous Noel Coward song that “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun.” Well, at the other end of the scale it is that British stoicism and stiff upper lip in times … Continue reading

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Worsley Court House and the Bridgewater Canal…………….

We seem to have had several weeks of continuous rain which has limited my photographic outings, but yesterday we had a day of clear blue sky (at least to start off with) and sunshine (it’s a big yellow ball in … Continue reading

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Devastating floods in Cumbria whilst we waste £11.7 billion on overseas aid!

Above are just some of the images that have been published showing the devastation that has been suffered in Cumbria by the torrential rain and subsequent flooding. Farmland is under water, villages cut off, bridges that have stood for hundreds … Continue reading

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A reflection on the year 2015……………….

2015 has been a difficult and challenging year because of having to deal with sensitive family issues as well as illness amongst friends. It has seemed that as soon as one problem is resolved another has quickly come galloping over … Continue reading

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I know I shouldn’t laugh…………

Given the appalling use of guns in the USA and the regular shootings that seem to have become commonplace, there is nothing about carrying guns that should be remotely funny. However, the cutting from a Minnesota newspaper above did bring … Continue reading

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The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield…………

I think it is about 4 years or so since the Hepworth Galley opened in Wakefield and I remember visiting it shortly after its opening. It is an austere looking building and if one was being a little cruel could … Continue reading

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