The BBC and religious drivel………………..


I switched on the radio this morning expecting to hear the dulcit tone of Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 but instead was greeted by the smooth voice of Claire Balding. It then dawned on me that is was Sunday, not Monday and that I had tuned in to the “god slot”

Each week they invite along some speaker from one of the “faiths” to tell us little stories and homilies about how wonderful the world is and that we are all Gods children.

This morning some woman who has been ordained into the Christian church came on and was asked about the appalling murder of the aid worker in the middle east by the followers of Islam (remember folks this the religion of “peace” as muslims continue to tell us).

She seemed taken aback by the question and for a few seconds there was deathly silence……..this was then followed by a string of platitudes about love and peace and the statement that “all the worlds religions preach peace and love” and it was at this point I nearly choked on my shredded wheat.

I immediately though that you need to go back to theological college and do some further study as the old testament in the bible preached hell and damnation on a regular basis (what kind of god asks a father to sacrifice his son?). Moreover, a little study of the koran will demonstrate islams attitude to non-believers, the need to wage jihad (holy war) and the approval of slavery.

Usually I can cope with the “religious ramblings” of the various preachers that appear but this woman this morning seemed to be in “la la land” and sounded a little like a 60s hippie who had indulged a little too much in relaxation therapy.

It is time the BBC stopped all this religious stuff on the radio because if I want to be preached at or lectured about what is “good” I will take myself of to places where they specialise in these things (churches, mosques and synagogues).

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