Elsa Armengou…………musical child prodigy

We have all heard about “child prodigies” particularly in the field of music, and it is fair to say that there is usually a fair amount of hype accompanying them (I am too tactful to name one or two classical musicians who may fall into this category)…………the next “Horowitz or Kreisler” are phrases banded around.

A little while ago I published a short blog about the Saint Andreu Jazz Band and was extolling the virtues of two young ladies who were multi instrumentalists, namely Eva Fernandez and Andrea Motis.

Since then I have been doing further research about the band, its leader Joan Chamorro and other featured soloists. During my research I came across a performance of Duke Ellington’s “Mood Indigo”(Ellington being the greatest Jazz musician of all time in my opinion) featuring a 7 year old young lady by the name of Elsa Armengeu.

As I started to watch the video all I could see was this tiny young girl stood at the front of the stage, and trumpet in hand and I feared the worst for a child of such a young age.

Four minutes later I picked my jaw up from the floor at what I had just heard, she was sensational and we have a jazz superstar in the making here. If she can play like this at 7 years of age (she also sings with the band) god knows what a prodigious talent she will be when she reaches her late teens.

So sit back and enjoy the muted trumpet playing of the lovely Elsa Armengou in Mood Indigo and then watch the video below with Elsa singing in front of the band, and she is so serious about it.

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9 Responses to Elsa Armengou…………musical child prodigy

    • donb says:

      Double Wow!
      I had found this group of marvelous youngsters a couple of years ago (Andrea Motis, Eva Fernandez, Rita Payes, Magali Datzira, Elsa Armengou, and several others). They never cease to amaze me.

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  1. John says:

    I want to hear mor of her. She is the most amazing musician I have ever heard.


    • kindadukish says:

      Try YouTube and search for Elsa doing a wonderful version of Billy Strayhorns “Lotus Blossom”………….one of Dukes signature tunes and the stunning performance by Duke on the last track of the album “And his mother called him Bill”


  2. Mario Ramón Lage LLousas says:

    Tengo 85 años y desde muy joven escuché música de jazz(Para mi, la música!!!!) He sido Jefe de Máquinas en la Marina Mercante Argentina durante 40 años y puedo decir que recorrí el mundo y escuchado música de jazz desde Hot jazz, Dixieland en New Orleans hasta otros estilos en Nueva York,Filadelphia,Chicago y también lugares nocturnos en Inglatera(Liverpool) y Francia(Dunquerque – París -Lille) y algunos reductos de Alemania (Hamburgo- Bremen)
    Pero ya mi retiro y en mi casa de Buenos Aires(Argentina) escuche a la maravillosa SANT ANDREU JAZZ BAN y su mentor, Don Joan Chamorro .
    A través de esta maravillosa Banda y en una de sus múltiples formaciones y lugares,he escuchado y quedé profundamente impresionado con la calidez de interpretación de la niña
    ELSA ARMENGOU y su interpretación de “WHATS NEW”,tema de CLIFORD BROWN !!!!
    He escuchado las dos versiones,la de CLIFORD y de la de Elsa ARMENGOU y he dicho y digo
    Guau!!!!! Son diferentes ,claro está!!!!! Pero SON DOS JOYAS,!!!!!
    Que más puedo decir que!!!Fenomenal ELSA ARMENGOU!!!! Es un vendaval ,mezcla de niñez y adolescencia,con una frescura y riqueza que apabulla!!!!!
    Gracias a Dios por haberte escuchado!!!! Gracias al Maestro Don Joan CHAMORRO, y gracias a músicos de la talla de CLIFORD BROWN,que dejaron semejante semilla!!!!
    Ojalá ella se entere de mi modesta opinión .VALE.

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  3. Daniel Edward Keough says:

    I’ve been following this band and music program for about a year and have viewed many of the videos. When Elsa was a little girl, watching her on videos was always a kick because she looked like a wind-up doll tooting on her trumpet. She’s grown up now and developed into very fine musician, Her video of, “What’s New” is very impressive and really shows the chops she has as a trumpeter.

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    • kindadukish says:

      Couldn’t agree more about the “Whats New” performance, and yet we still have to remember that this young lady is only 12 years old and has a wonderful future ahead of her.


  4. Low Hock NG says:

    Simply Superb . I just happen to browse and landed on your blog, Bow down to Mr Joan Charmorro. He is doing a very good deed in bringing upend exposing young and quality musicians. Very impressed with likes of Rita Payes , Andrea Motis, Eva Fernandez, Magali Datzira and the team of quality musicians. One experience was that my jaw literally drop after listening to Rita Payes together with that “scat voicing” on “How high the moon” ( Rita Payes-Joan Chamorro la magic de la veu.) .Simply made my day for a long time, Will definitely look out for them.

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    • kindadukish says:

      Join the band of Saint Andrea fans, fabulous musicians led by the genius that is Joan Charmorro………….I particularly like the bass playing of Magali Datzira and the soprano playing of Alba Armengou.


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