23 June 2016………a momentous day for the UK


A momentous day for the UK as we take back our independence, our sovereignty and the right to decide who comes and doesn’t come to this country. And no, we are not a nation of racists or Little Englanders but a liberal and open-minded people who will give succour to those genuinely in need of help.


What this vote has done is show the deep divide between the “political elite in the London bubble” who have no real interest in what happens outside the M25 and the rest of the UK who have stuck two fingers up at the “liberal elite and luvvies” firmly ensconced in their Hampstead and Islington bubbles. One has only to look at the money spent in the SE of England against the amount spent in the regions on everything from economic development, sport and even the arts.

In particular I would direct the hand gesture at people like Eddie Izzard, Emma Thompson, Daniel Craig and the rest of the “actor luvvies” who just so happen to spend most of their time outside the UK. I see that “broadcaster” (and I use that word very loosely) Richard Bacon has said that we are “ungrateful to eastern European immigrants”, no we are not, but what we are opposed to is large communities descending on an area and fundamentally changing the nature of that area e.g. the Roma in Sheffield……….I wonder how many of them he has living in his neck of the woods?


The “shock, horror”reaction of the luvvies

So the future is uncertain, and we may well suffer some economic decline in the short term, but at least we are back in control of our political decision-making process.

A friend recently said to me that us over 50s do not matter, it is about the young people of today and their children, the long-term future of subsequent generations that we have been voting about. Well, I have some news for her, IT IS about us also, after all are we not in an age of equality and diversity………..or does that only apply to certain issues?

Many of us over the age of 60 grew up in austere times after the war, and yes I can remember rationing of food, and many of us (including myself) fought to enter the EU in 1975 as we saw it as a means of bringing some peace and economic stability to Europe through a “common market.” What we never envisaged, let alone signed up to, was the creation of a European wide political state, run by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg (by the way can anyone explain the need for two centres?) who impose laws and directives without a second thought of the implications.

For better or worse we now have control of our own country back and it is now up to all of us to make the best of it.


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